Friday, 4 June 2010

Simple Wall Ideas

Literally we played with colour! After a lot of brainstorming starting with bands..heartbeats..origami lines..finally we stuck to the idea of bands. And do we love this or what! Its come out absolutely cool. Adding more colour to our already colourful workplace. Yes, thats where I work :)
There is some excitement about painting yourself even if its just a small design. This pattern which i recently painted at my guy's home was so much fun i can't begin to express! From getting the lines straight, to smudging little bit of paint out (that was ouch for me!) but getting it corrected in panicky ways, to getting messy with paints over each other (its need to get hyper actually!). Its a great experience :)
My advice to all those enthusiastic guys who want to make their home look beautiful without shelling out too much.. Go Ahead and DIY (do it yourself). You will love it!

If walls could speak this is how it would be! Found this idea to be really cool... my favorite quotes on the wall every day i wake up...just in case i forget them!

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