Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Colour me Blue

''That which exists best in the world...the colour of all colours, the bluest of all blues'.- Pablo Picasso
I have always grown up with blue being my favourite colour! I am sure many did.
In interiors, decorating with blue can be tricky sometimes with the choice of wood that we use in India. Undoubtedly white is the best combination with blue. Being a cool colour, it gives a feeling of calmness & restfulness. Hence, traditionally it was considered to be a very bedroom colour. If we go beyond this mode of thinking, we will see that there is a wide range of options possible with blue. Its interesting to observe how people in the west use this colour famously anywhere in the house. Latest observation from Sex & the City 2 (the apartment which served as a temporary break for all the girls); loved that blue to the core.

Few cool things about blue which should not be missed-
1. Pale blue has an effect to make walls recede and makes a room look large.
2. Blue is a universal favourite and has a claming appeal. Use it wherever there are negotiations to meet.
3. Electric blue goes amazingly well with industrial materials for a modern look, because it feels like a high-tech colour.
4. With blue, choose your wooden furniture carefully. Go for dark or light, avoid the in between shades of wood.
5. Dark blues encourages a peaceful night in bedroom. Must have for people who habitually take work home!
6. Turquoise and cobalt version of blue are some of the most priceless colours because they provide good saturated coverage when transferred into paint.

Here are some unconventional ways to use blue throughout home.





Curtains and cushions

Narrow wall with electric blue- Hooks by IKEA

Niche in pale blue

Stencil in gold. Notice the dark brown gelling beautifully with the blue wall.

Blue beautiful :)

Lovely fabric headboard

Wall cabinets in blue.

Veranda space looks bold & beautiful. Reminds me of Goa.


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Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Love all the blue inspiration you have in this post! Will

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@will..i love browsing ur blog. its my pleasure anytime.

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i love the interior design! easy to breath!

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