Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Wedding Decor

I have been doing some browsing on decor which will suit a pleasant wedding theme. Some are actual weddings, some are places that are so pretty that i thought could pass off as a pleasant wedding decor and some are just too nice to ignore! Thanks to all the web links...

This is decor set up in a Hawaii resort. Beautiful is the word for it :)

Another Hawaii theme. I so love this one..Wish i could...

A fellow blogger image. Loved the lights actually. Creates so much drama and attraction.

The umbrella is what i liked here!

Wedding Planners Knot Forever based in Mumbai.

Few inspirations from Colourlovers..

Chinese wedding gown

Colour coordinated flowers .


Martha Stewart Wedding ideas. She is an amazing personality. So inspiring with all her tips and suggestions on different fields. Wish to meet her someday :)

Aren't those twigs beautiful?

Cute idea! to hang pompoms on trees around

To a sacred bond called Marriage...