Saturday, 12 June 2010

Shape Up- Furniture

After chairs, there are these amazing pieces of furniture that look simple yet so stylish. The best part about all these are though they are all modern, it is so livable when u look at them. It forces me to think very basic: as in what is the purpose of the furniture we are talking about?

A bed = Sleep with some space for keeping bedside knick knacks. Voila! and there u have one.

A book shelf = Space space and space with limited depth which is meant ideally for books only. There are some commonly available book racks with more than required depth in which we stock so much books behind that we forget about it over time. This pyramid makes reading so much more interesting.
Multifunctional study table = no words for this one! I am just stumped over this creation.I think its a must have for space crunches! Love it

And lastly, this is not exactly a furniture in practical use. But the design makes me think of it as one!
A broom = Clean Spic-n-span. This broom looks so appealing I wouldn't mind giving my maid a day off just for the sheer pleasure of using this tool! Double love this!

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