Monday, 19 July 2010

Power of Paint

It's possible to paint almost everything. Walls, doors, furniture, metal surfaces. An artist even painted his bird, but that's not advisable
Paint as a medium is just so amazing to transform anything in interiors. Some pics where paint looks good and well used. Take a look and i am sure your hands would itch to paint something too!

A client's home done with Asian paints wall fashions. Have actually not changed much of the existing interiors except a few furnishings, just repainted the walls.

One of the most prestigious client home in Mumbai. Great experience at this site, greater satisfaction to see it done well.

Another client bedroom just finished in bands. Loved them! Suggested them for blue bands with white furniture and windows.

Lovely texture on one wall and notice the false ceiling and fan painted in metallic copper colour to match up.

Painted my hammock in the garden. Couldn't spare that either;)

This is a 'tea kadai' (kadai meaning shop in tamil) in chennai. Visited this shop some months back.
Loved the mood in there.Free hand artist painting is so beautiful and a great expression of the city itself.
Overall colours used were a rouge red with green doors and chairs.

And there goes another legacy of paint...

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Raining colours!

"Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make colours appear."
The best companion for rains is surely an Umbrella. And what better way to spend a Sunday than painting an umbrella itself! A workshop organized by Achyut Palav school of calligraphy for all enthusiastic and interested people in painting and calligraphy on Umbrella painting. Colours and umbrella provided by them, we only needed to carry our free mind and brushes to get started! Inspiring and motivating coordinators and Achyut Palav sir himself guided all those who had attended the workshop. Only instruction given to us was just go crazy and paint your imagination on the umbrella. While we were busy with our painting a rainbow in the sky just peeked down on us! Great experience..I thoroughly enjoyed the session and looking forward to many more such events with the same team. Three cheers for the entire team!!!

Peek into some really cool umbrellas...

Umbrellas before they got painted

Demo session

Our Umbrellas!

Thats mine in the making!

Voila! Its almost done :)

Some of my favourites

Group photo (of umbrellas)