Friday, 18 June 2010

Movies with great decor

Lets admit it..majority of us are movie buffs! Some movies are a pleasure to watch because of the storyline, or the cast and many times for me its the sets! They look so amazing that you can't get enough of it. Lets look at some movies in 2009 which made a statement through design.

Wake Up Sid- One of my fav movies. Its adorable how konkona does up her small flat into her personal haven!
And also the messy room Sid lives in.

All the Best- Average movie- just a few comedy thrown here and there. But remember Sanjay Dutt's house shown in Goa with amazing landscaping done with all the flowers in the world and the warm yellow in the hall?Take a recap..

Paa- Movie was beautiful and so was the simple home where Vidya Balan stays. Very real, simple and nice :) Btw, i so love her mom in this movie!

Luck By Chance- This movie definitely had to be stylish because its Bollywood afterall! Like the overall screenplay of this movie.

Farhan is so cute in this pic! Couldn't stop from posting this!

Life Partner- Not a great movie But but but... some really good interiors! I accidentally watched this movie while surfing channels on TV.Liked the styling part of the movie.

And lastly, Avatar. I loved the 3d technology used. Pandora was picturesque and quite an imagination throughout the film. Superb use of colour.. pink never looked so good! Beautiful movie..

Ending this post with this serene and lovely pic..until next time...

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