Sunday, 13 June 2010

Big Ideas for small Living Room

A common talk about a simple middle class home is, the living room being very compact which generally makes people feel no scope for much to do. That's not entirely true. Steal these ideas to make even a small room look totally Fab!Notice the lovely nylon mat on the floor. Very common in most Indian homes but something which we shy away from taking out, except when there are extra guests to be seated! I quite liked the way its laid out as a carpet here.Looks good, easy to clean too :)

Open kitchen is a concept being talked about many times. But how many of us really dare to apply it? Its actually quite a practical idea for small rooms. I like this room, especially the way the 2 spaces- kitchen and living room is blended together with the same colour. In such cases furniture definitely needs to be minimal.

Creating a reading corner is a smart idea with this kind of ladder rack. Its sleek and trendy.

Using colour is a great way to make a space look attractive. Don't overdo it. But do IT!
(Left) Notice the idea of flashing books and the painted table with mix-n-match lamp shades.
(Right) I bet this kind of a stool exists in most houses! Paint in a colour scheme which matches your decor elements. Like the use of printed cushions too. Cheap and classy at the same time.
Head on to chor bazaar or local market for this type of styling.

A TV unit which also serves a shelf for display. Good use of straight lines and smart placement of TV in the side.

A family phot wall is a pleasure to look at and is often on the most wanted list of many homemakers. I like this idea of hanging it on steel rods (normally used as bathroom accessory) and hanging the frames with a hook on it. Saves so much screwing on the walls!

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