Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Graphiti splash on walls!

Last few weeks has been sort of brainstorming for me...had to judge event in design colleges who had to paint the walls in a studio. Being from design background they all had out of the box ideas. I definitely only wanted to encourage them and go ahead with it, eliminating their worries about it being practical! Hey when else can you do all this... Once the final painting was done i was just bowled over completely by the creativity of students.
Event- Kinethesia at Pillai's college of architecture
Theme- Memories.

This one is done by 1st year architecture students.

I personally loved the mixture of emotions and practical elements shown in the form of painting. I reviewed this keeping in mind they were freshers and thought it was wonderful. But wait till you see the rest!

The 2nd yr students had something even better! They discussed about painting faces on wall by making a cut out stencil of all the class students faces and all..and voila! there they have done it.
Their memories came across as fresh and full of life :)

Little close shot made me actually believe it is painted indeed!

Kudos to this team effort!

3rd yr gave me a break from all the jing bang abstract art. Guess their memories were going point blank! U know similar to the Doordarshan blank screen..No offense i quite liked this one too ;)

Good use of the existing wire cables. Almost looks like part of the painting

By the time i reached the 4th yr i almost thought the memories are becoming kind of grey and not much colour! They had some spooky ideas too..a human figure hanging head down and stuff..I completely empathize..by this time of college u just wanna get over with it!!!

The memories are now turning to burden of submissions and holding on with your friends for life support!

By the end of the event i was left with just one feeling...Nostalgia!

Ending this post with a shot of Colour store. Do visit for more!


Patricia Torres said...

oh.. wow!! I love love these!! Love what they've done.. very creative! and innovative!!

Vidhya.. where have you been?? Long time no post.. Hope all is well.. and you'll be back to regular blogging.. :-)

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